Mantic’s The Walking Dead, Prelude to Woodbury.

Mantic’s: The Walking Dead, Prelude to Woodbury, a review.

I picked up Mantic’s walking dead Kickstarter just before Christmas, but rather than a review of the full shebang, I will split it down into its smaller parts.

Mantic has the license to produce the game based on the comic canon, rather than AMC’s TV show. Now I’m a big fan of both, and sway a bit more towards comic for favouritism. So this is well up my street.


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The beginning…

The beginning…

My first post, on my not-so-first blog.

So, this is a wargaming blog, where I hope to post battle reports, reviews and pictures of anything I happen to have painted. I currently reside in Bradford-on-Avon, wilts. And have happened across a group of likeminded gamers in the area. Between us we play a large variety of games (none of them Games Workshop).

Recently, I picked up The Walking Dead Kickstarter from Mantic Games and look to cover that quite extensively, both as a solo game and a few multiplayer games.

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